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A bunch of books I like

Published on 16 December 2015 by @mathiasverraes


Here’s a bunch of books that I like, that seem to have a lasting influence on me, or that I talk about a lot when giving presentations or teaching workshops. They’re somewhat grouped and ordered, but don’t read too much into that. For a more complete(-ish) list of books I’ve read, my Kindle page is likely the most up to date. If you never have time to read books, here’s how you can make time.

I’m using Amazon Affiliate links, so you might just help fund my next book purchase.

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Topic Event Type Location Date
Modelling Heuristics Workshop @ Domain-Driven Design Europe workshop Amsterdam, NL Feb 1
Conference Domain-Driven Design Europe 2017 organiser Amsterdam, NL Jan 31 - Feb 3
Domain-Driven Design Neos Conference workshop Hamburg, DE Mar 30
Keynote (TBD) Neos Conference keynote Hamburg, DE Mar 31
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