Model Storming Workshop

Deliberately discover your domain, to get in Modelling Nirvana.

By @mathiasverraes
Published on 22 January 2014

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Complexity in software hits us late in the game: long after contracts were signed, budgets were approved, and code was written. Big Design Upfront consistently misses the mark, but Agile methodologies don’t answer to the challenge either. Model Storming is an emergent practice in the Domain-Driven Design community, that brings modelling back to all stakeholders.

The workshop is similar to a hackathon, where developers tackle a problem as a team. But instead of writing code, you’ll be drawing models. We’ll start by explaining the domain, and then help you on your way to turn this into an expressive model. At regular intervals, we’ll break to discuss insights, and provide with you with new techniques and ideas to help you move forward.

No previous knowledge required; all you need to bring is your creativity and an open mind!


I couldn’t have done it without Stijn Vannieuwenhuyse, who played the part of Domain Expert and co-facilitator.

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