Domain-Driven Design: Bounded Contexts, Modelling

Gentle introductions to DDD by the founders of DDD Belgium.

By Mathias Verraes
Published on 12 February 2014

Yesterday, we did a DDD Basics session with the Domain-Driven Design Belgium community. We only covered Strategic DDD, and split up the work amongst the five founders of the group:

  • @yreynhout (Defining Domain-Driven Design),
  • @JefClaes (Ubiquitous Language),
  • @ONE75 (Context Mapping),
  • @ToJans (Selling Domain-Driven Design to the business),
  • myself (Bounded Contexts and Modelling).

Update June 10, 2014: new & improved slides for the second edition of this session.

Watch the slides on Speakerdeck

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