Modelling Heuristics

Mental tools to help you discover model variations

By Mathias Verraes
Published on 20 November 2014

The slides for my talk at Build Stuff in Vilnius. (As often, the slides are not very interesting without the text.)

See the slides on Speakerdeck


“How do you approach software modelling problems?” When a client asked me about my mental process, I didn’t have a proper answer — yet. The question intrigued me. Do you need a propensity for modelling, or is it a learnable skill? I embarked on a mission to find modelling heuristics: the mental tools, that help us look at the problem from different angles; the little tricks to validate a model before we build it; the rules of thumb that lead us to iteratively refine our solutions. In this talk, I share some of the ideas I collected from books, from people I interviewed, and from my own experiences.