I'm Mathias Verraes.
I build enterprise web applications,
and I deal with
complex legacy systems.

I'm an independent consultant, based in Belgium. I advise companies on how to build enterprise applications for complex business domains. As a team leader, I help developers to use best practices. I specialize in curing large legacy projects: writing tests for untestable code, refactoring to Domain Driven Design, and giving the applications a second life.

I'm currently available for software consultancy, for private & public Domain-Driven Design workshops, and for Kanban facilitation.

Join the Domain-Driven Design Europe conference in Brussels, Belgium, Jan 28-20, 2016

Domain-Driven Design workshops
in London, Amsterdam, Ghent, Berlin, ...


Topic Event Type Location Date
Towards Modelling Processes Dutch PHP Conference Talk Amsterdam, NL Jun 26-27
Experiencing Domain-Driven Design Zilverline Workshop Amsterdam, NL Jun29-Jul1
Experiencing Domain-Driven Design 3 day DDD training Workshop Ghent, BE Aug 12-14
Experiencing Domain-Driven Design 3 day DDD training Workshop Berlin, DE Aug 19-21
Domain-Driven Design in PHP Laracon EU Workshop Amsterdam, NL Aug 24
Talk TBD PHP Barcelona Talk Barcelona, ES Oct 30-31
Topic Event Type Location Date
Domain-Driven Design Europe Conference Brussels, BE Jan 28-29
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