Why Domain-Driven Design Matters

Thinking about Systems and Complexity.

Published on 21 May 2014 by @mathiasverraes

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In the software industry, the life expectancy of ideas, methodologies, and technologies, is extremely short. And yet, after ten years, Domain-Driven Design is still growing bigger. From it’s original roots in OOP, it has now expanded into Functional Programming, Reactive Programming and Event Sourcing, and architectural styles such as Hexagonal and CQRS. Clearly something about Domain-Driven Design makes it such an appealing choice to build systems for complex domains.

In this session, we’ll discuss what DDD is: from design patterns and modelling techniques, to the more philosophical ideas about how we deal with complexity. We explore why it has made such a profound impact, and how to decide whether it’s right for your project. We’ll have lots of room for open discussion, to make sure all your questions are answered.


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